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General Description


  EMP-3000DA integrated a DTMB NIM module Tuner with high performance..  

  EMP-3000DA is a highly integrated and cost effective IEEE 802.11n 1x1 2.4 GHz module for wireless 

local area network(WLAN) AP and router platforms. 

  EMP-3000DA includes a MIPS 24K processor, one-port IEEE 802.3 Fast Ethernet Switch with MAC/PHY, 

one USB 2.0 MAC/PHY, and 4M/8M/16MByte serial Flash, 32M/64M/128MByte DDR2, I2S/SPDIF-Out audio 

interface, UART, and GPIOs that can be used for LED controls or other general purpose interface configurations. 

  EMP-3000DA integrates an 802.11n 1x1 MAC/BB/radio with internal PA and LNA. It supports 802.11n 

operations up to 72 Mbps for 20 MHz and 150 Mbps for 40 MHz channel respectively, and IEEE 802.11b/g data 



 •Watch Live HDTV on smart phone/pad for free
 •Support DTMB standard
 •IEEE802.11g/n 2.4GHz
 •Watch HDTV, without internet connection
 •Build in 3000mAh Li-on rechargeable battery with power bank function
 •DDR2:32M/64M/128MByte, SPI NOR Flash: 4M/8M/16MByte
 •Up to 5 hours operation period
 •Antenna hidden design, Telescopic antenna design
 •Support EPG(Electronic Program Guide)
 •iOS 7+ /Android 4.0+/ Windows 7+ support
 •Free App download
Application Supports
Antenna :   x1(Build in Telescopic Antenna)
Micro USB Port :  x1 for Recharging
USB Port :  x1 for Charge other devices
Dimension: Approx.82x55x15mm (WxDxH)
Battery : 3000mAh
Battery LED: x4 Battery status indicate
TV LED : x1 TV system status indicate
Operation Time : ~5 hours
Charge Time ~2.5 hours
Charge Power: DC 5V 2A max
Output Power: DC 5V 1.5A max
Working Temp: 0~40°C
Changing Protection Temp: 0~40°C



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